Language Learning while Texting Friends

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Pangea Chat promotes language learning through chat messaging with friends by generating relevant learning activities from users’ chat content.

Pangea Chat
Pangea Chat


The bootstrapped founding team dedicated the majority of their time to developing the NLP technology, which performed very well in generating engaging learning activities for learners.


The platform’s user journey and overall user experience needed improvement in onboarding and retention of learners and teachers who wanted to leverage the platform in their classrooms.

Metrics & KPIs

We elaborated our actions to impact the following metrics:

  • Ease of onboarding: time to set up a new class and invite students
  • Rate of Successful Onboarding: rate of new teacher sign ups vs rate of classes created with students invited to platform

Solution Provided

Full end-to-end user journey for students and tutors.

  1. Investigated the problems in the user journey through user interviews and usability research.

  2. Worked with SMEs to better understand classroom dynamics and use of supplemental materials.

  3. Prototyped information architecture and new user experience flow.

  • Team & Functions 1 UX/UI designer 2 Full-Stack developers 2 data scientists, NLP
  • Collaborated with CEO Product Designers (UX/UI) Technology Engineers
  • Project Duration 1 month
  • Platforms Web - Desktop Web - Mobile
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