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A tutoring marketplace with business management tools for private tutors.



Platform started as a business CRM tool for private tutors to manage different facets of their growing business: marketing, scheduling, payments, progress tracking, etc. As its popularity grew, the founding team decided to expand toward a marketplace solution for tutoring.


As the initial user experience was geared only to private tutors managing their day-to-day business, the learner experience for the marketplace lacked a clear and consistent user journey.

Metrics & KPIs

We elaborated our actions to impact the following metrics:

  • Decrease the number of clicks to arrive at the booking flow
  • Increase in the overall rate of first-time and re-bookings
  • Significant improvement in sales funnel

Solution Provided

Full user journey from home page discovery to checkout for lesson booking.

  1. Coordinated user research to understand student and parents' expectations and needs when searching for a tutor.

  2. Prototyped, tested and reiterated designs for a full user journey including:

    • Home
    • Discovery (Search)
    • Tutor Profile
    • Booking Flow
    • Payment
    • Lesson Details
    • Rating and Review
    • Post-Lesson Follow Up

  3. Implemented using agile principles of build-measure-learn and rapid iteration for each stage reiterating the user flow to ensure successful funnel completion.

  • Team & Functions 1 product manager 1 UX designer 1 UI designer 2 back-end developers 2 fack-end developers 1 QA tester
  • Collaborated with CEO, CTO and CMO Product Managers Product Designers (UX/UI) Technology Engineers Marketing Reps Service Reps
  • Platforms Web - Desktop Web - Mobile
  • Project Duration 2 months
  • Engagement Contract
  • Client tutor.id