K-12 Tutoring Marketplace in MENA

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A tutoring marketplace with business management tools for private tutors.



Startup validated in local market received pre-Seed funding to expand into a new market in MENA region and develop a marketplace app to connect K-12 students with tutors.


Build a product team and kick-off ideation, research, design, user testing and development for a new tutoring marketplace app allowing learners and parents to book online and in-person tutoring sessions.

Metrics & KPIs

We elaborated our actions to impact the following metrics:

  • Fast sales funnel: from discovery to booking in 3-clicks
  • Easy tutoring application for tutors and review process for admins

Solution Provided

Full end-to-end user journey for students and tutors.

  1. Home Screen
  2. Selecting Subjects > Study Area
  3. Tutor Discovery (Search and Filters)
  4. Tutor Profile
  5. Online Booking Flow
  6. In-Person Booking Flow
  7. Lesson Details and Confirmation
  8. Support for Marketing team for successful matching and sales

  • Team & Functions 1 product manager 1 UX/UI designer 2 back-end developers 2 fack-end developers
  • Collaborated with CEO and CTO Product Managers Product Designers (UX/UI) Technology Engineers Marketing Reps Service Reps
  • Platforms iPhone and iPad App Android App
  • Project Duration 3 months
  • Engagement Contract
  • Client algooru.com